One Finger Touch to Secure Access and Easy Payment

  • Highlights

    Anti-Theft: Authentication on card Anti-Hack: On card fingerprint database Anti-Bacterial: Only cardholder touches
    Rechargeable or Battery-less RFID\ISO-format\Optional Display 13.56Mhz or 125Khz or even in Metal Inlay format available for localized production
  • Features

    On card fingerprint database No backend fingerprint database CMOS fingerprint capacitance sensor Location of fingerprint extraction → On card (Assisted PC interface is optional) Location of fingerprint authentication → In card
    RFID, NFC for access control or Dual Interface JCOP and Java for bank application Rechargeable or Battery-less with ultra-low power LED guiding indicators
  • Application

    ID\Passport Login\Access Control Membership Health Records
    Credit\Debit Card Payment Gaming
  • Multimedia

    JINCO Fingerprint Card for Payment at Starbucks (English subtitle available)
    JINCO Batteryless Dual Interface Fingerprint Card POS Demo
  • Spec

    Form Factor
    ISO 7816 ID 1
    85.6mm x 54mm x 0.84mm (LxWxH)
    Power Source
    Type 1: RF energy harvesting from POS reader Type 2: Rechargeable battery (Minimum 300 uses per charge depending on capacity chosen)
    Singe or Dual (Contactless through RFID and Contact through Chip)
    13.56 MHz or 125KHz
    NXP or Infineon or Felica or ATMEL
    Red & Green LEDs
    PET or PVC or PETG through dynamic bending & torsion test at ISO/IEC 14443-1 4.3.3, ISO/IEC 10373-1 5.8, (ISO/IEC10536-1) or METAL
    Fingerprint Sensor
    Capacitive sensor (Other sensors available upon request) 1. Sensing area: 8*8mm 2. Special resolution: 508 DPI 3. FRR: 2% 4. FAR: 1/10000 5. ESD: 8KV