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SVC Display Card

SVC Display Card

General Description

The SVC ( Store-Value Card ) display cards is a payment card with a flexible build-in display. It is convenient for card holder to know information inside the card. Remained balance, accumulated points and other information stored in the card can be showed in the display. Service of electronic ticketing, parking, membership needs only one card to check information such as remaining balance accumulation and deduction of points.


- Display digit:6 or 8

- Size:ISO 7810 physical dimension

- Display design:Single or 3 lines

- Operating temperature:0℃ ~ +45℃

- Storage temperature:-20℃ ~ +50℃

- ROHS compliant:YES

- Material:PET, PETG, PVC


- Magstripe

- Laser Engraving

- Offset printing

- Signature panel ( just on PVC cards )

Additional Interfaces

- ISO 14443A/B

- ISO 15693



- SONY Felica

- Dual Interface chips